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Welcome to the wonderful world of Chris Clay.  A Louisiana native that has had a wonderful career in the entertainment business.  It all started during my 11th grade year in high school when I gravitated to the school’s radio station.  It was there I learned that I had a burning desire to bring people news and exposing them to Hot Hit Music. 

After high school I decided (Well my parents decided lol) that I needed to be  degreed in Something. So I went off to the International Technical Institute of San Francisco where I received a degree in computer technology.  During that time I worked for the local radio station KBLX where I did weekends, fill ins and anything they would let me lol!

After graduation and moving back to Louisiana I nabbed a job at WTKL (now defunct) where I pulled double duties as the station Engineer and Part time DJ.  From there I was hired as the overnight jock at KQXL within 3 months I became the music director and 1 years later the program director a position I held for the next 12 years. Other stations I’ve programmed  KTBT, Foxy 106, WDIA WWLD KTCX

Then onto the music business which I was hired by Warner Bros Records by the late Ronnie Johnson.  There I’ve worked with many artist Cameo, Atlantic Starr, Color Me Bad, Jade, just to name a few. 

After the Warner Bros Stint Nusoul Productions was born. A company that started as just a recording facility for local artist now has grown to a facility for Local and National artist,  it also includes Video Production. 

Nusoul had the privilege of working with Vanessa Williams, Master P, Trill Ent., Brian McKnight, Cash Money Millionaires, Kelly Rowland, Daniel Davis and hundreds of other artist.

On the video side we’ve produced many training videos, television commercials, marketing videos, 2 documentaries and the list continues to grow.

In 2011 I started Platinum Vybe Recordings my own recording label.  We signed our very first recording artist “Cassandra O’Neal” and released her debut CD Life Songs.  The 2nd release was a compilation CD The Pride of The Carolinas.  Both albums have done very well for a start up label. 

We’ve also completed 2 Documentaries for HBO Films Interracial Dating In America (Going Deeper) and Interracial Dating In America Uncovered!  Both films continue to be one of our top sellers among the other products produced by the label. 

5 years ago I founded and started my very own jazz band named the Aston Grey Project.  The band has released their 5th CD. The band is now out touring around the country dazzling fans everywhere they go.

My journey is no where near over so stay tuned to see whats next for me and my business ventures ....


It’s Been A Wonderful Life ...

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